How Sweatpants Became a Hot Fashion Trend?

Sweatpants have gained immense popularity, and you can always find someone wearing sweatpants on a street or road. They have taken over the jeans trend. Sweatpants are very comfortable, and now it has become a style statement. It is now a hot fashion trend almost followed by everyone regardless of age. The comfort of sweatpants is one of the main and most significant reasons for their popularity. It provides a feeling of comfort and coziness. Nowadays, sweatpants are worn almost everywhere, whether at home, in the office, or out shopping. People have bulk sweatpants in their wardrobes because they have now become a fashion or style.

Reasons Why Sweatpants Became Popular

• Wore by Celebrities or Fashion Icons

Nowadays, you can see many celebrities or fashion icons wearing sweatpants. It became a hot fashion trend when some famous celebrities were seen wearing sweatpants on the streets or at events. Some celebrities who are mostly seen wearing sweatpants are Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, Kate Middleton, Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajkowski, etc.

• Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020 during COVID-19, almost everyone was at home and had nothing to do. So, they wore sweatpants the whole day and every day. It provided a comfortable and relaxed feeling. During the pandemic of COVID-19, there was high demand for sweatpants. People have started to value the comfort of clothes more and have stopped wearing clothes that are not comfortable to wear at all. In making sweatpants a hot fashion trend, COVID-19 has played a significant role. Many big brands started selling sweatpants.

• Big Brands Added Sweatpants to their Collection

Due to the high and increasing demand for sweatpants during the Covid-19 pandemic, many big and well-known brands started manufacturing stylish and trendy sweatpants. This is also one reason sweatpants became a hot fashion trend. Some of the big brands that added sweatpants into their collections are Nike, Adidas, H&M, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Gap, and many more. They also hired famous fashion icons and sports athletes to promote their sweatpants.

• Used For Training & Exercise

Sweatpants have been used in training or exercise for a long time. Because while exercising you need comfortable clothes so your body parts can have a free movement. Sweatpants are also perfect for brisk walking or jogging because they are not made of stretchy material. People with skinny or thin legs should also wear sweatpants because they give the legs a thick, healthy look.


The clothing trends keep changing, but sweatpants are currently the hot fashion trend. The coziness, comfort, and relaxing feel make the sweatpants more desirable and popular. The covid-19 pandemic was one of the biggest reasons that played a massive role in making sweatpants a fashion trend. Nowadays, people even wear sweatpants in their offices, workplaces, or on occasion because they provide comfort. Sweatpants worn with anything look stylish and fashionable. People wear high heels, jackets, blazers, boots, or layers with sweatpants. So, the reasons mentioned above made sweatpants a fashionable trend.

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